You May Need:
  • Help understanding your doctor's instructions.

  • Help getting connected to health services.

  • Information about the new diet you were given.

  • Help with meal preparation.

  • Guidance while shopping at the grocery store.

  • Support for staying active and trying new things.

  • Inspiration to keep growing and learning

  • Help understanding technology, like:

    • communicating with your doctor through a "port​al."

    • researching health topics from credible sources.

    • systems to keep your data confidential.

  • To make sure your self-sufficiency systems keep working, like:

    • establishing fail-safe medication and self-care routines.

    • good communication with your support team.

    • planning ahead for bigger challenges so that your systems can scale up to accommodate changes in your needs.

Moral Support
  • A person who can simply sit with whatever is true for you right now, even if it's hard.

  • Someone to help you brainstorm solutions.

  • Someone to drop by weekly to check in on your progress.

  • ​A sense of having some back-up, if you need a hand, a ride or someone to run an errand for you.
  • Someone to listen when emotions are running high.


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