Reversing and Preventing Cognitive Decline

Are you noticing trouble calculating a tip, organizing items into sequential order or remembering which way to turn? 

The descent into dementia can take decades. If you catch it early enough, you can actually turn it around. 

Dr. Bredesen opened his research lab at UCLA in 1989 and has been studying how brain cells work and respond to environmental and genetic influences. He has noticed that neurons in the brain die in predictable patterns. These became the six types of Alzheimer's.

  1. Inflammatory-- inflammation of the brain

  2. Glycotoxic-- diabetes of the brain

  3. Cold or Atrophic-- deficient in nutrients and hormones

  4. Toxic-- organic and inorganic toxins and biotoxins

  5. Vascular-- heart disease of the brain

  6. Dazed-- as from a brain injury

Many of these issues can overlap, giving a very complex landscape of dozens of different biomarkers to rebalance. 

Dr. Bredesen has designed a therapeutic protocol ("ReCODE") that starts with getting a "cognoscopy" to assess the biomarkers that impact your brain. Working with a Bredesen-trained doctor and Bredesen-trained health coach, you can implement the lifestyle changes necessary to reverse your cognitive decline. 

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