Testimonials-- What's it like to work with Holly?

"I was suffering from cognitive decline from unknowingly living in a water damaged building for over a decade.  I was having non stop headaches to the point I could not work anymore. I had been camping for several months to try to bring inflammation down. Some mutual friends introduced us.

Holly is extremely positive, intelligent, knowledgeable, and compassionate.

I feel lucky to have met Holly. It's unbelievably helpful to receive coaching from someone who has also experienced this situation. It can be confusing and stressful, especially when you are in pain and have cognitive difficulty. I had done research myself, and had extensive traditional medical testing, but was still in a panicked, stressed state when I met her.


Holly helped with setting goals and coming up with solutions - she is a steady presence, and positive problem solver."

                                                                                                  -- Client in New Mexico, 2019

​"We, my husband and I, found Holly just in the nick of time. I’d been on a downward mental spiral for several years. It started about six years ago when I was a public interest lawyer and noticed that my work just wasn’t up to snuff. So I quit. We, my husband and I, moved to New Mexico, bought a little adobe, in various states of disrepair, and spent time mostly fixing up the fixer upper, hiking, biking and volunteering with the ACLU. My mental decline continued and I gradually withdrew from civic/social participation. (Didn’t want to be caught out acting stupid….).


I finally got hooked up with a Functional Medicine doctor in Santa Fe who introduced me to the Bredesen Protocol, which got me started on a diet regime to reverse decline and led me to Holly.


Holly knows more about the causes of mental decline and the possibilities of reversal than anyone else I know. She can negotiate her way around all kinds of institutional barriers, always gets you to the place you need to be, on time, calms you down, and makes GREAT cookies, paleo, of course. So, when I’m wallowing in self-pity or despair, she reminds me that this isn’t a cake walk, but it’s worth it. And she’s right."

                                                                                -- Client in New Mexico, 2019

"Holly, I listened to the recording of the consultation with the doctor again and wanted to compliment you on the excellent job you did guiding the conversation towards the key issues. I wandered off into the portable oxygen and other issues that were on my mind and if you hadn't been there, we wouldn't have gotten the orderly transmission of information that was so desperately needed. Great job, thank you so much. " 

                                                                                                      -- Client in Florida, 2019

"I met Holly after a few months of being on the Ketogenic diet to decrease inflammation causing me stenosis and a pinched nerve that was crippling. She helped me with not only the diet protocol and understanding the science behind it, but also with the cognitive decline I have experienced as I age.

After resorting to crutches many times last year I am now entirely pain free most all of the time and very active gardening and dancing and traveling and my mind feels more dependable.

Holly is both extremely knowledgeable and warmly compassionate which is hard to find in health care. I trust her to find research relative to my issues and clearly relate it to me in an understandable manner."

                                                                                                --Client in New Mexico, 2019


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