Services I'm Not Offering:
  • I am not offering medical advice. I am not a doctor, I am a certified nutrition counselor, certified ReCoDe health coach and a social worker. 

  • I have my Masters in Social Work and have conditional licensure (requiring supervision) in both NM and ME, but am not functioning here in the official capacity of a social worker and therefore cannot accept insurance.

  • I am not offering home health services, or any services that require physical contact.

  • I am not aspiring to change a healthcare system that doesn't work well, one that offers only pharmaceutical solutions to complex, systemic dysregulation. I am only offering to do what I can, to allow myself and others to not need that system, as much as is possible.

  • I will limit my exposure to unhealthy environments, emotionally or physically. I reserve the right to decide whether or not we can work together or work in your home environment, based on how it feels to me.

  • I will not, in the effort to foster health in others, compromise my own health by over-committing my time or energy. We can both therefore rest in this clarity, that I will joyfully and thoughtfully do what I can, and then I will go take good care of myself, (and therefore not get burned out so I can continue to be of service.) 


T: 575-342-8021